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November 27, 2012
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            It had never been a problem before. For years, centuries, he’d had the same biological clock, the same yearly schedule, the same…needs. Luckily for him, it always started after Easter. He knew it was coming, of course. Every year, it was like clockwork. Around the end of July, his instincts would start to kick in, and he’d be powerless against them.

            Mating instincts, that is.

            In the past, he’d always spent his mating season shut up in his Warren, alone. After all, he was no ordinary rabbit; he didn’t have the option of actually mating like the others. It was worst for the first month or so, with his body and mind able to focus on practically nothing else. After that, he just suffered from sporadic and very urgent needs every now and then until the season ended…in January. This year, though, it was different.

            “Are you still sleeping?” A cold foot nudged his back, its owner bored and needing entertainment.

            “Mnh. Rack off, snowflake,” the bunny grumbled, trying to burrow further into his nest. “Can’t a bloke sleep in his own Warren?” After the ordeal with Pitch, he’d felt bad about leaving the kid alone on that lake. So he had invited Jack to stay at the Warren. Eventually, their teasing and playful fights had gone too far, one thing had led to another, and they’d ended up rooting in Bunnymund’s nest. Which had led to further teasing when Jack couldn’t walk properly the next morning.

            Though if you had asked them, neither would’ve admitted it, they both enjoyed the newfound company. But this presented a problem for Bunny. This would be his first mating season where he actually had a mate, and it was fast approaching. How would he explain it to Jack? More importantly, could Jack even handle it? His, er, urges could get pretty intense. With this thought in mind, he couldn’t help but worry as the days flew by and he started to notice more and more how nice it was having Jack sleeping next to him every night. How the slightest touch sent shivers down his spine. How tempting it was any time the new Guardian bent over…

            “Can I help you?” Startled, he looked up to find Jack watching him knowingly. He must have been staring, and he’d been caught.

            “No. I, er… Sorry.” He was starting to feel a little warm, a little lightheaded.

            “It’s so hot in here,” Jack complained. “I hate summer.” He tugged on his jacket, trying to cool off; he got hot way more easily than Bunnymund did. When he realized that this wasn’t working, he muttered something in frustration and swept the jacket off over his head. Oh, boy. Bunny tried to avert his eyes, but…he was just right there, all white skin with the slightest sheen of sweat on it. He was like a melting popsicle. Unable to stop himself, the rabbit stepped in close behind him and started licking at his neck, nibbling softly so Jack squirmed in his arms. “Hey. Somebody’s affectionate today. Whoa!” He cried out as Bunnymund pushes him against the mossy stone wall, paws trapping his smaller hands and keeping him captive. Beginning to see where this was going, the kid laughed and tried playing back, rubbing and grinding his backside against Bunny’s crotch. A soft gasp showed his surprise when he found that his host was already hard and waiting.

            “J-jeez. Already? I didn’t even touch your ears this time.” Bunny didn’t answer the teasing, too busy licking and nipping at Jack’s ear. The kid was at a loss, writhing against the wall; this was doing nothing to help him cool off. “Nh. Hey. Just a second.” He managed to push the rabbit away and turned around, then knelt in front of the older Guardian. This just felt like the natural thing to do, somehow, and Bunnymund certainly wasn’t complaining. The coolness of Jack’s tongue made him shiver, but he could put up with it; as long as he was getting the attention he needed, it would be fine. He tried to relax and let Jack have as much control as he wanted, leaning one hand against the wall while the other threaded through the boy’s white hair. This would definitely take some self-control…

            The young Guardian could see his friend was in pretty dire need, so he didn’t waste time, wrapping his mouth around the tip and sucking on it softly. The rabbit shuddered, and his grip in Jack’s hair tightened. That mouth of his might be cold now, but he knew from experience that it would warm up soon enough, and Jack would use it to drive him crazy. After taking a minute to get adjusted, Jack pushed his head a little closer to take more in, moaning softly around it when his mouth was full.

            “Bloody hell, Jack…” It was surprising that the rabbit could speak at all; this was better than he had hoped, especially when he needed it so much. Glad that he was being praised (when all he usually got was teasing), the younger Guardian managed to swallow around the fullness in his mouth, then pulled back slowly, letting it slide in and out. The slow pace combined with the brief whimpers that escaped his mouth were too much. It was too good. Acting on instinct and without much control, the bunny used his grip in Jack’s hair to move him back and forth, causing him to let out muffled moans of shock. So much for letting him have control. He didn’t argue, though; he’d never seen Bunnymund this way, and it was nothing if not exciting.

            “Mh—nnh…” Poor Jack had been completely deprived of his power by that point. Bunnymund was bucking into his mouth, overwhelming him completely and making him hotter than ever. The only signal that he was getting close was the rapid panting coming from his lips—and then Jack’s mouth was filled up even more, and he let out a sound of protest. Once he was released, he fell to his hands and knees and the contents of his mouth spilled onto the ground. His face was practically glowing red. “Ahh…wow…I definitely…didn’t expect that.”

            “More where that came from, mate,” Bunny chuckled, pulling Jack to his feet and leading him quickly to his nest full of blankets and pillows. He pushed the kid down on his hands and knees and knelt behind him, ready to keep going, but Jack hastily scramble away.

            “Wait a minute! You have to let me get ready first,” he insisted, frantic from all this attention all at once. The rabbit grumbled and pushed him onto his back.

            “You’d better do it quick,” he advised, leaning down to put his very soft tongue to work between Jack’s legs. Anticipating a really good night, the boy panted into the open air and did his best to focus on getting ready. While Bunnymund was distracting him so nicely, he licked three of his fingers all wet, then reached down and, blushing fiercely, started to push them inside himself one-by-one. It was always horribly embarrassing to do that part himself, but he knew that rabbit paws wouldn’t exactly serve the same purpose. Since his lover seemed so impatient, he tried his best to hurry, and he finished not a moment too soon; it seemed like Bunny was losing what little patience he’d had to begin with. He dragged Jack closer, raising the kid’s hips up to meet his. Without asking if he was ready (as he usually did), he pressed his way deep inside in one motion, leaving Jack to arch and writhe beneath him.

            “Nh…you’re going…really fast tonight,” he observed, blinking back tears from the deep and full feeling; it hurt a little, but he knew that would go away. The older Guardian didn’t bother explaining himself, although it wasn’t exactly a conscious decision. His body was in full procreation mode, and the fact that Jack was a different species (and a boy) didn’t matter a lick. Without giving the boy any time to adjust, he started a quick pace, quick enough to make Jack bounce against him and cling to his shoulders, gasping and moaning out loud. “Ah—haah—hey…nnh, what’s the rush? I-I…aaah…” Feverish arms somehow managed to wrap about Bunny’s neck to drag him down for a kiss—albeit a messy and jolting kiss. Jack could feel his lover’s heart racing through his chest. “Mnh, ah, say—something!”

            “M-mh. You’re doing—aah, great, Jacky. Better than I thought…” the rabbit panted into Jack’s ear. In fact, he was so impressed with his young lover’s resilience that he went even faster, even harder. He stayed as deep as possible but used short and fast thrusts to friction hotter than anything Jack had ever felt.

            “Ah—mnh, I can’t…if you keep that up…I’m…” He could hardly form a proper sentence through the sensation blinding him to his surroundings. “Good. Bunny…aahn, it’s so hot!” He wasn’t the only one heating up; with just a few more rough strokes, Jack’s body tensed and he came against his stomach, calling out his pleasure loudly through the Warren. A weak groan escaped his lips as he felt Bunnymund come inside him, and his shaky arms collapsed at his sides.

            “One more.”

            “Wh-what? You’ve gotta be kidding,” the boy groaned, shocked at Bunny’s stamina that night. “I can, nh, barely move as it is. I can’t do it again.”

            “One more, Jacky,” the Easter Guardian begged into his ear. “I’ll make it fast. And I’ll make sure you’re clean when I’m done.” That was definitely a tempting offer; no matter how much he protested, he truly enjoyed Bunny’s habit of cleaning him up after they’d finished.

            “…okay. But just one more. I don’t think I can handle any more than that.”

            “Reckon,” the rabbit agreed, pulling out and turning his exhausted lover over onto his knees with his arse in the air. Too tired to hold himself up, Jack let his head lay down against the ground, moaning softly. Whether he was doing it on purpose to get Bunny to make a move wasn’t exactly clear. Regardless, the Easter Guardian was back on him in a split-second, easily sliding inside now as Jack had been thoroughly stretched…not to mention Bunny’s last release had made everything slick and wet. Bunnymund bent over the kid’s body, his chest resting against Jack’s back, and only his hips moved, rapidly thrusting in and out. The friction had Jack burning up, almost worried his icy body would melt. And it was sofast!

            “’S good, Jack. Aah, you’re good… Just a little more.” From this position, it was easy to go even deeper, and the young Guardian jerked every time one of those swift thrusts struck at just the right spot inside. At this rate, he would come again, too…! The rhythm went faster, faster than any human could possibly go, and he felt a soft paw between his legs, stroking and teasing him until he could stand no more. He lost it and called out the Bunny’s name as he came again, staining the rabbit’s paw. A few more thrusts, and deep moan from Bunnymund’s chest—and Jack was finally allowed to relax. He collapsed flat in the nest, panting heavily, unable to speak.

            As promised, the Guardian of Hope spent the next ten minutes carefully cleaning up every trace of sticky whiteness with his tongue, then wrapped Jack up in his arms and lick softly on his ear. He had never felt so satisfied during a mating season before. And what a trooper Jack had been.

            “Hmm. A few more weeks o’ that,” Bunnymund purred, content for the night. “And she’ll be apples.” Jack just groaned loudly at the thought.

So...I got a Tumblr prompt from someone who wanted Bunny to have a "mating season." This is what I made of it. XD I swear I used Jack's freakin' name about 40 times. I hate writing in third person. Guh...

EDIT: Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and explain this here, since it seems to be confusing people. v.v "She'll be apples" is, to the best of my knowledge, a term used in Australia to mean "everything will be fine" or something to that effect. Does it make more sense now?
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NemoAves Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
surprisingly hot. lol i figured the shell be apple's line myself, ut it's cool to see the edit confirmed my thought
Momma-Ran Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This was good. I feel a tiny bit weird for having read a story between a pooka and a boy...but I still enjoyed the story. Out of curiosity, what "person" do you usually write in (I bounce between third and first, depending on how I want to portray the story). 
ReadYourHeartOut Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. ^^ (To be honest, I felt a little weord writing it, but clearly that didn't stop me. >.>)

In most cases, I write in first-person. It's always felt more expressive to me, plus it leaves out any unnecessary confusion (for instance, specifying which "he" you mean when you have two male main characters). Lately, I've been doing a little more in third- because...*sigh* because people seem more willing to read it. This particular one was written in third- because I just could not seem to get Bunny's voice right. >.>
Momma-Ran Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If I'm writing something that is more psychological with intense emotional scenes, I tend to go for first person. Otherwise everything I write is in third. lol Really? I haven't noticed a preference for which "person" people like to read more. They just come to me for a specific pairing they like. xD 
You did a good job with his voice and with the story, especially considering you don't particularly enjoy third person. :D
Ask-Stella-and-Iris Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Student Writer
 I imagined it with a female Pooka.~
sonadowfangurl Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
sexy, smexy, hot, burning hot, veru f****** hot.........nosebleed.
sasunaruislovee Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
Oh god.. loved it!!! XD
sceneanimemanga Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:heart: wubz it!!!
animalcrossingfan12 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I so love it! I wish you could write a second part :3
Shaliliathehedgehog Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So hot I could ever imagine it in real life.
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